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Born in the Sixties: The First Year of Dowling College, 1968-1969

Born in the Sixties is a year-long documentary in blog format hosted by the Dowling College Library in commemoration of the 40th anniversary of Dowling College as an independent educational institution in Suffolk County, New York. We will be exploring the life of the College during its first academic school year, 1968-1969, through the use of images and documents housed in the Library’s Archives and Special Collections.

This blog will run from September 2008 through August 2009 with the intent that the accumulation of text, images and audio will create a picture of what it was like on this campus on Long Island in the late 1960s. And while we are starting with the materials from our Archives and Special Collections, our hope is that another source of content will come from you, the reader.

Dowling College Photos

The library maintains an electronic collection of photographs on Flickr. Photos include interior/exterior shots of Dowling's historic grounds, memorials, Fortunoff Hall, art contest award winners and presentations, library interior, library events, and librarian presentations.

Historic Oakdale

Historic Oakdale is a collection of digitized postcards and photographs documenting the history of Oakdale, Long Island. Drawn from the holdings of Dowling College Library's Archives and Special Collections, these images range in age from the late 1800's to the mid-20th century and capture the rise of the great estates along Long Island's South Shore, as well as the development of a small community.

Listening Tour

The Listening Tour of South Shore History is an online guide to interviews and stories from the Library's ongoing podcast, Omnibus. Click on the map of Long Island to download MP3 files featuring the voices of local historians, authors, and people involved in preserving and promoting the history of this area of New York State.

Long Island Estates & Cultural Institutions

The Long Island Estates page provides map locations and details of cultural institutions from 1860 - 1930, built in the period known as the Gilded Age. A detailed bibliography is also provided by Dr. Mary Abell, Professor of Visual Arts, Dowling College.

Long Island South Shore History Wiki

Join us in creating a place for the local history of the South Shore to live online. The librarians at the Dowling College Library Archives and Special Collections are working to digitize and make public the content of its collections. Therefore, the Long Island South Shore History Wiki currently has an emphasis of content weighted towards history that has occurred since the beginning of the Gilded Age (circa 1860). As the site grows, earlier local history will be included. If you have information to share about what you see on the wiki, please share your knowledge and memories by contributing directly to the wiki or simply leaving comments.

Vanderbilt Estates

The map of the Vanderbilt Estates displays their locations and provides links to information about the homes that were built by and/or owned by members of the Vanderbilt Family during the Gilded Age.

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