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2001 Displays

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Gilded Age Display

The Gilded Age

1st and 2nd Floor Library Displays
July 2001 - October 2001

Explore the history, architecture, and social hierarchies of an earlier time, when robber barons walked the earth. This display contains materials documenting life in America and on Long Island during the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Books form the Library's circulating and special collections reveal the famous families and personalities that have come to symbolize this era, from Vanderbilt to Tiffany to McKim, Meade, & White.

Faculty Authors Display

Faculty Authors

1st Floor Library Display
May 2001 - August 2001

This display focuses on the diverse and wide-ranging intellectual pursuits of Dowling College faculty. Articles, reference works, and monographs encompass all academic subjects.

Education Collection Highlights

Highlights from the Education Collection

2nd Floor Library Display
April 2001 - July 2001

With Dowling College's commitment to teacher education, the Library has developed an extensive collection of resources in a wide variety of related subject areas. This display offers an overview, from books on teacher development, school administration, literacy, charter schools, and more.

Astronomy Display

Starry Nights: Astronomy Books from the Collection

2nd Floor Library Display
November 2000 - April 2001

From the Big Bang to the furthest reaches of the universe, the books in this display guide you through a landscape of truly cosmic proportions. Maps of the constellations and color images from NASA missions paint a picture of stunning beauty, while practical guides describe the fine art of stargazing.

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