2002 Displays

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Computers Display

Computers, Computers, Computers

2nd Floor Library Display
June 2002 - November 2002

Need help creating a spreadsheet or a Web page? Everyone needs technical assistance from time to time in our automated society. This exhibit highlights several recent book acquisitions in the areas of computer science and computer information systems, including "how-to" manuals for some of the most popular software packages, guides to the Internet, and hardware troubleshooting handbooks.

Summer Reading Display

Summer Reading   

1st Floor Library Display
June 2002 - September 2002

Kick off your shoes and kick off your summer with a good read. This display spotlights a number of titles in the Library's Popular Collection, perfect for that day at the beach or weekend getaway. 

Italian Americans Display

Celebrating Italian American Culture

1st and 2nd Floor Library Displays
October 2001 - June 2002

In conjunction with the College's Annual Theme Event, the Library presents a display that illustrates the varied and significant contributions of Italian-Americans. Titles from the collection explore the immigrant experience, the development of Italian-American communities, and the dissemination of old traditions in the New World.