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2005 Displays

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book cover"Jewish-American Contributions to American Culture"

2nd Floor Display
November 2005 - January 2006

This display honors Dowling's annual theme for 2005-2006, "Jewish-American Contributions to American Culture." Featured are works by prominent Jewish-American writers, poets, artists, historians, political scientists, and philosophers. Also included are titles that examine the history of the Jewish-American experience in the United States.

picture of display

"Yes You Can...Be Creative"

2nd Floor Display
June 2005 - November 2005

Be creative. This display helps you rise to that challenge with books from the Library's collection on a variety of creative endeavors. These guides will introduce you to basic concepts as well as advanced techniques. Whether working in acrylics or watercolors, sculpting in clay or making origami, there is something for everyone. Especially for children's assignments is the Kid's Guide to Drawing the Countries of the World series, with instructions on drawing famous landmarks and symbols from twelve different countries.

picture of display

"You'll Laugh, You'll Cry..."

1st Floor Display
June 2005 - November 2005

This display takes to the stage to explore the dual nature of the human condition with dramatic works in both a tragic and comedic vein. From Shakespearean tragedy to all-out farce, these books from the Library's collection provide influential and noteworthy examples of plays from across history. Also included are books of famous monologues and guides to the craft of acting. In the background you will see the initial reviews of some of the most noteworthy Broadway performances of the last century.

Poetry Display

National Poetry Month

1st Floor Display
March 2005- May 2005

In 1996, April was designated National Poetry Month by the Academy of American Poets. Help celebrate this year by visiting this display of poetry books from the Library's collection.

Asians in America Display

Asians in America: Ancient Traditions and New Identities

2nd Floor Display
November 2004 - May 2005

In conjunction with the College's Annual Theme, this display spotlights the experiences and contributions of Asians in America. Items and books in the display provide a window into the diversity of the Asian American experience and its influence on the United States, ranging from ancient medicine to modern authors.

Digitization Display

Clickable History: Archives Go Digital

1st/2nd Floor Display
November 2004 - March 2005

Historic Oakdale is a collection of digitized images documenting the Oakdale area from the turn of the last century. This display followed items from the Library's Special Collections as they were selected, scanned, and described for the project.  Historic Oakdale is part of the larger Long Island Memories project organized by LILRC as part of their digitization program.

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