2006 Displays

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ShakespeareShakespeare in the Park

2nd Floor Display
July - October 2006

Spread a blanket and spend some time contemplating the works of Shakespeare on the second floor of the Library. This display focuses on the performance of Shakespeare's works in text, film, and book-on-CD versions. There are also a number of guides and studies that explore the history and craft of Shakespearean drama. Ask at the Circulation Desk to check out any of the circulating items in the display. Take them home and enjoy them in the open air.

Eat, Drink, and Be MerryEat, Drink, and Be Merry... Anywhere in the World

1st Floor Display
April - September 2006

Be prepared for any occasion in any part of the world with the series of books featured in this display. The books, which are all available to be checked out, cover the cuisine, social customs, and religious practices of countries spanning the globe.

CameraSpring into Photography

2nd Floor Display
March - June 2006

This display views photography from many different angles, from the technical process to the historical document to the work of art. Discover digital and darkroom techniques as well as the works of Walker Evans, Man Ray, Ansel Adams and others.

cover artThe Life and Work of Arthur Szyk

1st Floor Display
March 2006

Arthur Szyk (1894-1951) was a Polish-born illustrator and political cartoonist whose life and art was intertwined with events of the Holocaust and World War II. The items in this display include book illustrations, magazine covers, and sketches from throughout Szyk's career. Coinciding with this display, Dowling Professor Rhoda Miller presented "Arthur Szyk: A Genealogical Journey," tracing his life through genealogical sources.

The library is grateful to Pam Stein for loaning the items featured in this display.

NY Civil Liberties Union

Faces of Liberty

2nd Floor Display
March 2006

Twenty-two portraits, twenty-two court cases in New York State dealing with civil liberties. An educational project by the New York Civil Liberties Union Foundation and its Nassau Chapter, "Faces of Liberty" puts human faces on complex civil liberties issues by documenting the challenges of ordinary men, women and students who faced unpopularity and adversity when standing up for their beliefs.

Picture of Display"Jewish-American Contributions to American Culture"

2nd Floor Display
November 2005 - January 2006

This display honors Dowling's annual theme for 2005-2006, "Jewish-American Contributions to American Culture." Featured are works by prominent Jewish-American writers, poets, artists, historians, political scientists, and philosophers. Also included are titles that examine the history of the Jewish-American experience in the United States.

picture of Aaron Kramer"The Life and Works of Aaron Kramer"

1st Floor Display
January 2006 - February 2006

Aaron Kramer was a poet, translator, social critic and professor of English at Dowling College for over 30 years. This display chronicles his many activities: published works, extensive German and Yiddish translations, and poetry readings across Long Island and New York City. This display coincided with the presentation The Life and Works of Aaron Kramer delivered by Dr. Donald Gilzinger Jr on Wednesday, February 15th, 7-9 P.M. at Dowling College.

Picture of displayFaculty Publications

1st/2nd Floor Display
November 2005 - February 2006

This display features selected publications by faculty members in the School of Education's Department of Human Development and Learning, including: Dr. Linda Catelli, Dr. John Craven III, Dr. Stephen Farenga, Dr. Linda Fernsten, Dr. Bonnie Johnson, Dr. Dale Johnson, Dr. Patrick Johnson, Dr. Daniel Ness, Dr. Francis Samuel, Dr. Bernadyn Suh, and Dr. Barbara Turnbull-Nolan.