2008 Displays

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Hurricane of 1938Hurricane of 1938

2nd Floor Display
September 2008-January 2009

Also known as The Long Island Express, the Hurricane of 1938 was the deadliest storm ever to hit Long Island. This display includes contemporary accounts of the aftermath and cleanup of the storm, particularly from the eastern end of the Island where the effects were most severe. More current books continue to re-examine the story of 1938. It remains a stark reminder of the potential vulnerability of the Island and the need for hurricane preparedness.

Presidential ElectionsPresidential Elections

2nd Floor Display
September 2008-January 2009

Navigate through the election season with these books on the subject of US Presidential elections, from the history of the Republican and Democratic parties to the dramas of past presidential contests, through analysis of individual presidencies.

Belize Field DiaryBelize

1st Floor Display
April 2008 - September 2008

Follow Dowling students on their trip to Belize where they studied and explored from January 13 - 26, 2008.

More on Belize from the CIA World Factbook

The Scarecrow of Oz, 1915 100+ Years of the Wizard of Oz

2nd Floor Display
February 2008- September 2008

The fictional world of Oz and its inhabitants have expanded far beyond their first published appearance in 1900. L. Frank Baum's creation has been reinterpreted in silent films, cartoons, Broadway musicals and, of course, the famed 1939 MGM movie. This display presents a variety of Oz interpretations, including books from the collection of Nelson Gidding.
A distinguished screenwriter for television and film, and father of Dowling College Associate Professor of English Dr. Josh Gidding, Nelson had a lifelong passion for reading. Through the generosity of Dr. Gidding, the Dowling Library was the beneficiary of the large library Nelson left behind after his passing in 2004. Featured in this display are twenty-one of the original Oz series of forty titles.

Folding box Bookbinding and Bookmaking

1st Floor Display
February - March 2008

Showcasing the talent of Reference Librarian/Associate Professor Laura Pope Robbins, this display provides examples of the structural and decorative beauty inherent in the utilitarian. Images and artifacts illustrate the bookbinder's art, which Laura has practiced for fifteen years, and colorful examples show how the commonplace box can be "more than just a tray with a lid."