Library displays highlight the collections and holdings of the Library and show the relationship between those collections and the mission of the College by supporting themes and subjects of an educational or cultural nature. They are meant to stimulate and encourage interests in diverse topics among the Dowling College community.

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Ecuador and Galapagos: In the Steps of Charles Darwin

1st Floor Display
September 2011-December 2011

Ecuador and Galapagos

For ten days in July Dr. John Tanacredi led a group of Dowling students on an adventure through Ecuador and the Galapagos ilsands. Their trip included stops at the Pasochoa Wildlife Reserve, the Fatima Wild Animal Rescue Center, and the Pailon deo Diablo waterfalls.

The participants were treated to a total immersion program with visits to a local shaman and the eastern slopes of the Andes to a tour of the Galapagos where they literally followed the path of Charles Darwin.

Many of the items in this display are from the trip, including local artifacts and student travel journals. All photographs are courtesy of Barbara Aniboli.

Podcast interview with Dr. Tanacredi about the Galapagos and his other travels in the summer of 2011

A Genealogy of Fantasy

2nd Floor Display
September 2011-December 2011

A Genealogy of Fantasy

Epic tales of fantasy weave their way through time fron ancient Sumeria to modern day England. This display highlights a number of prominent works along the fantasy family tree, illustrating how authors have built on what came before and reworked old tales into new.