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Getting the Full Text

The amount of full text that you find in databases depends on licensing agreements between publishers and vendors.

Also, different databases will use different icons when they link to full text:

HTML Full Text HTML or PDF full text [Access article in HMTL] Linked Full Text pdf Text + Graphics [text] HTML Full Text with Graphics

Keep in mind that not all full text is equal:

When researching, you will find that a specific article that you need may be a citation in one index, an abstract in another, and full text in a third.

In order to help you navigate through the myriad possibilities, the Library created:

Full Text Options at Dowling

Whenever you see this link beneath a citation, the Library's link resolver will:

  • List the databases that contain the full text of your article and link you to the article.
  • Tell you if the article is available in our Library.
  • Automatically fill out an Interlibrary Loan form if the item is not available at Dowling. Just add your name and retrieval information: you can pick up articles at either campus or via email.
Last updated August 24, 2010 by Chris Kretz