Mobile Research

Video Tutorials

Citations: Why and How?

CitingIntro Why Cite?
Learn what a citation is and why you need to cite your sources.
NoodleIntro (3K) Noodlebib Basics

Search Tips

Boolean Using And, Or, and Not
Quick introduction to using And, Or, and Not in your searches to broaden and narrow results.
Database Searching Tips
Quick search tips to help you get the most out of searching.
Finding Biographical Info Finding Biographical Info
Introduction to finding biographical information in databases.

Identifying Sources

EmpiricalIntro (1K) Finding Empirical Studies
Peer Review in 3 Minutes
This excellent overview of what peer review is was created by NSCU libraries.

Library Services

online library services Online Library Services
If you're new to Dowling College, this is a quick introduction to finding the different resources on our website and getting access to them.
Video title screen Using a Tablet to Download Library Ebooks
A demonstration of using a tablet, in this case an iPad, to download subscription library ebooks directly onto the tablet.
ebrary chapters Download Book Chapters
How to download book chapters using ebrary ebooks.
complete ebrary books Download ebrary Books
How to download entire books from ebrary onto a computer and then transfer to another device. Though we no longer have ebrary, the steps are the same for any subscription library ebooks.
CatIntro Catalog Enhancements
Video demonstrates catalog enhancements that give you more information about each item.
FTIntro (3K) Using FindIt@Dowling

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