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Why is the login page saying that my information is invalid?

You will see this message if there is a problem with your library account.

Sorry, the information you submitted was invalid. Please try again.


  1. Type your name exactly as it appears on your ID Card: first name [space] last name. Do not include your middle name or initial. Capitalization does not matter.
  2. Type the barcode number from the back of your ID Card. Make sure you enter all of the numbers.
  3. Overdue books or fines will prevent your accessing the databases remotely. Check your account.
  4. Clear your browser's cache:
    • Internet Explorer: Go to Tools > Choose Internet Options > Under Temporary Internet Files, choose Delete Files.
    • Firefox: Go to Tools > Options > Advanced. Under the Network tab, click the "clear now" button under Cache.
    • Netscape: Go to Edit > Choose Preferences > Choose Advanced > Choose Cache > Clear both the memory and disk caches.
Last updated August 24, 2010 by Chris Kretz