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Welcome to the Research Leadership Learning Podcast from Dowling College's Research Leadership Learning Center.

On this podcast we explore many fields of knowledge related to leadership in social agencies, bringing you conversations with teachers, principals, superintendents and others working in and around the Long Island region, including Dowling faculty and Dowling doctoral candidates. By sharing research and knowledge from the field, we hope to develop a profound human awareness among leaders of social agencies in Nassau and Suffolk Counties and beyond.

New Principals

click to download Posted Monday, June 30, 2008. Total length: 28:46

"[Principals] really need to have the willingness to learn."
Ed Casswell

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What skills do new secondary school principals need to succeed on the job? Dr. Rich Bernato talks with two experienced Suffolk County principals: Edward Casswell, principal of Mount Sinai High School, and Jim McCaffrey, long time administrator of a number of Suffolk high schools and presently an administrative mentor to the Deer Park School District. Both are involved with the Suffolk County High School Principals' Association. Together they discuss how to gain the experience necessary to become a high school principal, common mistakes, the value of communication, and ways to reach out to the community.

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