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Welcome to the Research Leadership Learning Podcast from Dowling College's Research Leadership Learning Center.

On this podcast we explore many fields of knowledge related to leadership in social agencies, bringing you conversations with teachers, principals, superintendents and others working in and around the Long Island region, including Dowling faculty and Dowling doctoral candidates. By sharing research and knowledge from the field, we hope to develop a profound human awareness among leaders of social agencies in Nassau and Suffolk Counties and beyond.

International Seminar

click to download Posted Friday, July 09, 2010. Total length: 29:56

"We were able to engage in...democratic, political conversation with people from around the world. "
Bill Neater

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In this episode, Dr. Bernato and guests discuss the recently completed International Leadership Seminar Series. Conducted completely online, this seminar involved professors and students from three countries interacting through the online courseware system Blackboard. Dowling Professor of Educational Administration, Leadership and Technology Robert Manley, along with Director of Academic Information Services Dr. Thomas Franza and doctoral students William Neater and Ileana Carillo, explain how the seminar came about, the technology used to pull it off, and the cutlural differences and common denominators discovered during the sixteen weeks.

Sponsored by Dowling College, Iona College, Shri M.D. Shah Mahila College in Mumbai, India, and the Universidad Panamericana at Gudalajar ,the International Leadership Seminar Series featured lectures on leadership topics ranging from financial ethics to technological challenges in a global economy to moral leadership.

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