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Welcome to the Research Leadership Learning Podcast from Dowling College's Research Leadership Learning Center.

On this podcast we explore many fields of knowledge related to leadership in social agencies, bringing you conversations with teachers, principals, superintendents and others working in and around the Long Island region, including Dowling faculty and Dowling doctoral candidates. By sharing research and knowledge from the field, we hope to develop a profound human awareness among leaders of social agencies in Nassau and Suffolk Counties and beyond.

Grad Schools

click to download Posted Monday, August 06, 2012. Total length: 31:59

"An effective leader should be aware of everything that is going on around them."
Lucianna Basilice

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In this podcast, Frantz Dorsainvil, Candis Devito and Lucianna Basilice discuss the methods graduate schools should teach to new educational leaders in New York State. The presenters will discuss some of the skills that have not been taught in graduate school and the strategies that new leaders can utilize to avoid self-sabotage. They will also share what they have learned from the doctoral program.


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This series of podcasts feature doctoral students working with Dr. Elsa-Sofia Morote in EDE 9810 Theory of Organizations I. For more, listen to New Administrators, Evaluations, and New Tech Ideas.

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