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New York Standards

AccelerateU - NYS Standards Home
"NYS Standards and Resource Guides are documents focusing on curriculum essentials, student learning experiences, and sample assessment models. These guides were developed to go hand in hand with the Learning Standards. Resource Guides go beyond the Learning Standards by helping teachers find additional support for their planning.The strategic plan describes the mission, goals, objectives, strategies for achieving the objectives, and performance indicators that will provide feedback on the Department's progress."
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Adult Education Resource Guide and Learning Standards
The working document for linking the New York's learning standards, with goals and objectives, in order to regulate the standards for adult education and GED preparation. (Internet or pdf formats)
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Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment (CIAI)
The Office of Elementary, Middle, Secondary, and Continuing Education for the NY State Education Department maintains this website that allows you to search by subject area and grade level, and then to view a pdf format of the actual Learning Standard.
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New York State Core Curriculum
Here you'll find download-able resource guides that provide specific curricula for achieving New York State standards from the arts to social studies.
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New York State Education Department Virtual Learning System
The NYVLS maintains this website on the current NY State Teaching Standards. Select "Learning Standards" to go to a search engine that will allow you to search the Standards by subject area. Select "Learning Experiences" to search for specific subject area curriculum that fit and were design for the NY State Standards.
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Vocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities (VESID)
The VESID of the NY State Education Department maintains this site to offer alternate Learning Standards for "Individuals with Severe Disabilities." These publication are downloadable in pdf or Word97 formats.
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New York State Historical Association has created four different curriculum guides based on the New York State Learning Standards for the teaching of New York State history.
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