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A Guided Tour of the Visible Human
This site uses animations and images from the Visible Human Project to demonstrate planes of section, and how two-dimensional images provide a unique means of studying the three-dimensional anatomy of the human body. This site provides a link to the Visible Human Project Site at the National Library of Medicine.
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Anatomy Altases
Based out of the University of Iowa, this website provides illustrations of muscular, nervous, skeletal, and cardiovascular systems.
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Center for Human Simulation
Sponsored by the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. Click on "Gallery" to see 3D views of the human body.
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Digital Anatomist Project
Click on "On-line Interactive Atlases." to see 3D views and animations of the brain, neuroanatomy, thoracic organs, and knee. From the Department of Biological Structure at the University of Washington in Seattle.
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List of Three's
Lists structures of the human body that are organized into groups of three with remarkable frequency. (From an online course at the Loyola University Medical Center.)
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NYC Health & Medical Super Resource Guide: Anatomy
Find links to a variety of online anatomy resources.
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