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American Sociological Association (ASA)
ASA's site provides student newsletter, student discussion forums, employment and career information, funding information as well as ASA membership information.
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This site allows access to statistics and information produced by over 100 US government agencies.
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Resources For Methods in Evaluation in Social Research
Links to how-to information on the tools of social research: surveys, sampling, interviews, etc. Sections include research ethics, methods, policy analysis, and statistical data.
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Social Sciences Virtual Library
Site provides links to an online sociological dictionary; directories and data archives; social science journals and societies; and online resources arranged by subject.
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Social, Economic and Political Change
This is the website of the Global Social Change Research Project. The site provides the World Social Change reports gathered from the project; as well as, links to free sites containing theories, approaches, data and research dealing with large scale, long term changes in social, political and economic systems at the national and international level.
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Sociological Tour Through Cyberspace
Site provides "tours" of different websites having to do with selected topics in sociology. Site also provides links to guides for paper writing, research and statistics.
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Sociology : WWW Virtual Library
Directory of links to academic institutions, research centers, databases, curriculum guides, journals, discussion groups, associations and organizations, software resources and archives.
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International directory for all topics in the Social Sciences available on the web. Site is made available from the University of Amsterdam and is available in English and in Dutch.
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State & Metropolitan Area Data Book
The Data Book contains a collection of statistics on social and economic conditions in the United States at the State and metropolitan area levels. Selected data for component counties and central cities of metropolitan areas are also included.
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Statistical Resources on the Web
A directory of resource links by subject area, including children, crime, the elderly, immigration, demographics and economics.
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US Census Bureau
Site provides access to social, demographic, and economic information by subject listing.
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