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Search Engines

Altavista for Image, MP3 searching
Don't forget about this old standby - newly redesigned with enhanced features for finding images.
Added by DH

A search engine that identifies the most authoritative sites on the Web by using subject-specific popularity.
Added by DH

Microsoft's newest search engine.
Added by DH

This search engine aims to show search results from only useful, trustworthy sites. The founders of this engine are tring to get the spam out of web searches and weed out Web pages created by "content farms."
Added by DH

Blinkx - Video Search Engine
Millions of hours of video for news, business, entertainment, sports and more.
Added by DH

Carrot: A Clustering Search Engine
Carrot Clustering Engine will search the Web with and automatically organize the results into thematic categories.
Added by DH

ChaCha - The People Powered Search Engine
The first search engine that uses people to find anything you want on the Internet through either Instant Search (where results are handpicked pulling otherwise hard to find sites) or Live Guided Search where assistance is provided in searching.
Added by DH

Dog Pile
A metasearch engine, your search is put into all the most popular engines and then gives you the best combined results all in one place. Features a "refine your search" search that arranges results that are most relevant to you.
Added by DH

Indeed: One search. All jobs
Search for jobs in your specific area or any area in the US.
Added by KB

Mamma - The Mother of All Search Engines
Like Dogpile, Mamma searches within numerous search engines. Result choices are tabbed and include: web, video, image, white/yellow pages and result(s) is revealed within the return entry.
Added by DH

Midomi - Song Search
Search engine for songs using either voice or keyboard.
Added by DH

Picsearch for Image Searches
Picsearch connects its users to the vast visual resources of the internet. Picsearch uses its own technology to crawl the web and has created a searchable index of images. When a user sends a query to Picsearch the result is received as a set of thumbnail images that are sorted to ensure that they are as highly relevant as possible. When the user clicks on a thumbnail they are linked to the original web site where that image is located.
Added by DH

See and find in this search engine designed as a tag cloud
Added by DH

Scirus-For Scientific Information
"Scirus is the most comprehensive science-specific search engine on the Internet." This specialized search engine, "returns results from the whole Web, including access-controlled sites that other search engines don't index. Scirus currently covers over 167 million science-related Web pages"
Added by DH

Search Engine Watch
This website lists popular and specialty search engines. Also available among many features are ratings and updates on various search engines.
Added by KB

Type in a URL of a site that you know, and this search engine will find other related sites for you to look at. It's great for when you get stuck or need a bit of variety.
Added by LPR

Sperse searches multiple search engines and filters for duplicates, thus returning more comprehensive, relevant and fast results to the users.
Added by DH

In addition to your typical search engine features, Yahoo! provides job, real estate and auto classifieds; personals and people search; yellow pages; travel and much much more.
Added by DH

Google goes beyond your typical search engine, providing specialized search engines for a variety of topics; including maps, full text online books and article, news, shopping and videos.
Added by DH