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Gilded Age Sports

Nineteenth Century Baseball
This site is dedicated to images and information from the very beginning of baseball.
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Auto Racing (Vanderbilt Cup)

Long Island Motor Parkway- Vanderbilt Cup Race Page
Very complete site about the Long Island Motor Parkway and Vanderbilt Cup Race. Site has many photographs.
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Vanderbilt Cup Races 1904-1910
Sites lists annual participant info for the years 1904-1910, but the site is still "under construction."
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Golf (Shinnecock Hills)

Golf in the Gilded Age
A history of golf and the Robber Barons who played the game.
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History of Golf - Part Five: America and Golf
The history of golf according to the Golf Channel. Part V of this article covers the Gilded Age and Shinnecock Hills.
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Long Island Golf News
This is the official site of the publication. Click on "history" for "The Golden Age" article. At the VERY bottom of this page are the etiquette links divided by gender and social occasion. Check out the "Etiquette Language and Bibliography" link.
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U.S. Open Official Site
Shinnecock Hills was the site of the 2004 U.S. Open Golf Tournament. This site is dedicated to that game with many facts about the Shinnecock course, including its history.
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Horse Racing (Belmont Stakes)

Road to the Triple Crown
A brief history of the Belmont Race with a chronology of the winners with stats.
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Yachts & Yacht Racing (American Cup)

American Cup Hall of Fame 1851-2004
Sites has history and Hall of Fame. Many Gilded Age personalities are in the Hall of Fame.
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Frederick Vanderbilt saloon
Article about the restoration of Frederick Vanderbilt's Yacht, Vedette (1923).
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