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Gilded Age Etiquette

Back Stairs at Brucemore: Life as Servants in Early 20th-Century America. Teaching with Historic Places.
This is a 50 page teacher’s guide for working with children in understanding servant life in the early 1900. While it is very basic, it is also very complete. It is also available through the ERIC database as ED475999.
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Curiosity served: Biltmore opens servants' quarters
This is an interesting article about the servants’ quarters at the Biltmore. This may be a good jumping off place for further exploration.
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Duttie’s Just Victorian
From the street to children’s room, each room in THIS Victorian mansion explains exactly what is expected from you. An absolute delight to visit! (Hint: tune on your speakers while at this site.)
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Glenna Jo's & Bill's Presentations and Works-In-Progress
At the VERY bottom of this page are the etiquette links divided by gender and social occasion. Check out the "Etiquette Language and Bibliography" link.
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Manners Culture and Dress of the Best American Society (1893)
Two chapters from an etiquette handbook by Richard A. Wells - 1. The Marriage Ceremony, and 2. Dancing Etiquette
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