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All Law
Portal for court websites for all 50 states. Also includes links to individual state attorneys, laws, forms, news, schools and bar associations.
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American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
This site discusses timely legal issues, with a focus on civil rights issues. Contains special sections devoted to current legislative and supreme court issues.
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American With Disabilities Act Information on the Web
Site provides text of the American with Disabilities Act, together with ADA law guides, and other useful news and information.
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Analysis & Interpretation: Constitution of the United States
In this database, the GPO’s Federal Digital System (FDsys) makes available editions and supplements from 1992 forward of Constitution Analysis and Interpretation. The Congressional Research Service in the Library of Congress prepares this service. Each new supplement contains new information in addition to the information contained in the previous supplement. Files are available in ASCII text and Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).
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beSpacific: Law & Technology News
Daily law and technology news with links to reliable primary and secondary sources on topics including: e-government, privacy, government documents, cybercrime and ID theft, the Patriot Act, freedom of information, federal legislation, legal research, KM, blogs, RSS and wikis. RSS subscription feed available.
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Copyright and Fair Use
This site provides an overview of copyright law, discusses current issue and legislation, and provides a copyright web guide.
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Comprehensive source for legal information on the web. Resources include legal referral, news, and text for U.S. Federal and State Laws.
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Legal information geared towards information professionals and professionals in technology related fields. News is updated daily. The site covers current laws, legislative issues, court cases, and prominent companies in the technology field.
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Internet Legal Research Group
Internet Index to more than 4000 select websites in 283 nations. Site includes links to Legal Professional forms, salary information and law firms; Law school rankings, course outlines and study abroad programs; legal research sources and book stores.
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Justia provides a wealth of information, including legal practice, research, and the latest cases in the news. It also provides an "Ask a Lawyer" chat service for answers to legal questions, a lawyer directory and an inclusive "Blawg Search" that covers over a thousand law blogs.
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Law Library of Congress
This sites digital resources section provides links to th Global Legal Information Network (GLIN), an online collection of laws from countries around the world. The site also provides an online law guide and the Multinational Collections Database.
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Public & Private Laws (Slip Laws)
This site contains the text of public and private laws enacted from the 104th Congress to the present. The database for the current session of Congress is updated when the publication of a slip law is authorized by OFR. Documents are available as ASCII text and Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) files.
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The Founder's Constitution
Ever wonder why we have a right to free speech or trial by jury? This site is a web version of a well known treatise which provides insight into how and why our Constitution evolved. The text of the Constitution, amendments, and many supporting historical documents are included.
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U.S. Federal Court Links
Provides location and contact information for U.S. Federal courts in all 50 states.
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Victims Assistance Online
This Virtual Library provides articles about victims rights, treatment, case management, statistics, and the judicial system. It also provides victim and witness program information for countries around the world.
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Washlaw Web
Comprehensive directory of law and law related information on the web. Topics include state, federal and international law; judge, law firm and law school directories; and legal reference, news, discussion groups and forms.
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