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ATHENA: SCIENCE, Pierre Perroud
Links to science-related texts and sites as well as mineral databases and images of minerals.
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EurekAlert! is produced by the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). Find the latest news stories about many different areas of science.
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GrayLIT Network (DOE)
GrayLIT Network is a gray literature portal for technical report information generated through federally funded research and development projects. "Gray literature" is foreign or domestic open source material that usually is available through specialized channels and that may not enter usual systems of publication, distribution, bibliographic control, or acquisition by booksellers or subscription agents, or agencies.
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NASA Scientific and Technical Information Program
The NASA Technical Report Server is an experimental service that allows users to search the many different abstract and technical report servers maintained by various NASA centers and programs. Specifically, it is a unified interface to many separate WAIS servers. NTRS is both a superset of the various servers and a canonical listing of the servers.
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National Museum of Natural History: Research and Collections
A page from the Smithsonian web site, containing links to Botany, Entomology, Invertebrate Zoology, Mineral Sciences, Paleobiology, Vertebrate Zoology, and Anthropology sites and information.
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NOVA is a science-related documentary series on PBS. The website includes information on Earth, exploration, flight, forensics, health, nature, physics & math, space, and technology.
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Science for the Millennium
Produced by the Education and Outreach Group at the National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA). This site focuses on astronomy and astrophysics; advanced computation; science and industry; and virtual environments.
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Science.gov is a free site and is a gateway to reliable information about science and technology from federal government organizations. Resources include technical reports, journal citations, databases, federal web sites, and fact sheets. Fourteen scientific and technical information organizations from ten major science government agencies collaborated to create this site.
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Scirus - Science Search Engine
Scirus is the most comprehensive science-specific search engine on the Internet. Driven by the latest search engine technology, Scirus searches over 300 million science-specific Web pages, filters out non-scientific sites,finds peer-reviewed articles such as PDF and PostScript files, which are often invisible to other search engines.
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World Wide Science.org
Maintained by the Office of Science and Technical Information, this gateway, WorldWideScience.org, gives citizens, researchers and anyone interested in science the capability to search science portals not easily accessible through popular search technology such as Google or Yahoo! Includes is a News page highlighting the latest scientific developments.
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An international science portal co-created by the Energy Department has expanded its scope to include connections to databases and scientific Web sites from more than 44 countries.The portal allows users to query more than 200 million science and technology documents not typically indexed by popular search engines. The newly expanded service now includes 32 national scientific databases and links to portals from 44 countries.
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Department of Energy Federal R&D Project Summaries
The Federal R&D Project Summaries web site is a portal to information about federal research projects, complete with full-text, single-query searching across databases residing at different agencies, developed by the Department of Energy's Office of Scientific and Technical Information (OSTI).
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