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Bibliography Automated Software

Bibliography Building Software (Noodlebib) - Enter required info then cut & paste!
ID Card access required for remote users - this program enables users to build a bibliography - create a profile and enter the information and citation style (MLA, APA etc)- Noodlebib will automatically generate a list and properly format it to citation type (journal article, book, website etc). Once built, the lists can be stored or shared with other users. Highly recommended resource for generating citations.
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Citation Machine
Choose the type of work you want to format, enter the information, and the Citation Machine provides both an APA and an MLA citation.
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This online tool will create citations for you in accordance with the 6th edition of MLA. Follow the prompts and enter the information for each of your sources.
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Created at the Hekman Library of Calvin College, KnightCite creates citations in APA, MLA, and Chicago style.
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Style Wizard
Designed by EB Communications, this site will build an APA citation for you step by step. It also explains the rules for you as it goes.
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