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Gilded Age Entertainments

American Variety Stage
This collection from the Library of Congress illustrates the vibrant and diverse forms of popular entertainment, especially vaudeville, that thrived from 1870-1920.
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An Aeolian Organ Archive - Sights and Sounds
During the Gilded Age, owning an aeolian organ was a status symbol. Not only did it provide entertainment for your house guests, but you had to own a house large enough to fit one inside.
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Mrs. Twombly’s Aeolian Organ
The story of Mrs. Twombly's organ. Mrs. Twombly was William K Vanderbilt, I's sister. Her mansion, Florham, is now the home of Fairleigh Dickinson University.
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Music during the Gilded Age
Links to gilded age music sites from San Francisco State University.
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Origins of Mass Entertainments in the Gilded Age
A good discussion of the beginnings of mass entertainment in the Gilded Age, such as opera houses, orchestras and Chautauquas. Courtesy of San Francisco State University.
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Rules of Card Games - Bridge
Bridge is based on the game of Boston Whist. Harold Sterling Vanderbilt codified the rules for this game.
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Rules of Card Games - Whist
Whist was a popular form of entertainment during the Gilded Age.
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The Aeolian-Skinner Archives
This page chronicles the evolution of the Aeolian-Skinner style organ through stop lists, pictures, and first-hand memoirs.
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Inventing Entertainment
This site lets you experience the motion pictures and sound recordings of the Edison Companies. Courtesy of the American Memory Project of the Library of Congress.
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