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Center for the Study of Religion at Princeton University
Princeton provides links to information on world religions including Native American and post- 9/11 religion resources.
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Cogut Center for the Humanities at Brown University
International focus on humanities issues. Topics include religion, music, cinema and many others.
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Eserver at Iowa State University
A list of over 35,000 files in all areas of the arts and humanities. Examples are cultural theory, languages, poetry, drama, and philosophy. There are full-text works available such as modern dramas and Shakespeare's plays.
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H-Net Humanities and Social Sciences Online
This site provides information for many areas in the humanities and social sciences such as human rights and citizenship. Links to discussion forums and book reviews are available.
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IATH: Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities
From the University of Virginia, this page provides access to humanities research that is international in scope. Among many others, topics include British culture, biographies of women from around the world, and studies of Tibetan literature.
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National Endowment for the Humanities
This website provides information on applying for grants, NEH's current and past projects, and some full-text articles from their Humanities magazine.
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The Human Experience at Stanford University
Excellent site for those needing basic information on what the humanities are and why they are important. Links to research reports, podcasts, events, and news items are available.
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The Internet Public Library - Arts and Humanities
A site with a multitude of humanities-related links from the arts to religion to literature, including disciplines dealing with general cultural concerns, especially human values and the ability of the human spirit to express itself.
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