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American Musicological Society
A comprehensive list of music-related resources
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Classical Music Navigator
From Western Kentucky University, this site is meant to trace composers' influences and the similarities in musical works throughout this genre, but components of the site can be of help to any kind of musical research. See especially the features on "Composers," "Basic Library of Notable Works," and "Index of Forms and Styles."
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Classical Net
Reviews of more than 1000 CDs, 4800 files and over 2600 links to other classical music web sites.
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Indiana University School of Music Worldwide Internet Music Resources
List of links to many music sites.
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J.S. Bach Homepage
offers biographical information, bibliographies, and a catalog of complete works of the composer, some entries with commentary. It is particularly well-arranged for focusing on keyboard compositions, as works are searchable by instrument. Reviews of recordings are also available. Similarly well-appointed is this site on G. F. Handel
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Music Education at Datadragon
Great basic music site for people wanting to learn or teach music. Includes info on how to read music and reviews types of instruments.
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New York Public Library WWW Music Resources
Many sites selected by The New York Public Library.
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Virginia Tech Multimedia Music Dictionary
Extensive and easy to use. Definitions contain many related links, are often illustrated, and even provide "suggested listening" addenda in some cases.
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