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Alex Catalogue of Electronic Texts
Online editions of public domain texts in Western Philosophy as well as literature. Browse by author or title or search by keyword.
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Archives of the PHILOS-L Listserv
Listserv of European and worldwide philosophers. You can search posted messages back to 1989, finding information on news, conferences and publications as well as some discussion of individual topics.
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Center for the Study of Religion at Princeton University
Princeton provides links to information on world religions including Native American and post- 9/11 religion resources.
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This site contains a large number of links to other web sites covering multiple aspects of philosophy, providing a useful point of departure for research. Areas covered include encyclopedia entries, discussion lists, image galleries, electronic texts, and philosophy-related blogs.
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Foucault Resources
Extensive site on the life and works of French philosopher Michel Foucault. The FAQ section serves as a useful guide to other Foucault-related web sites, while the gallery contains numerous photos and drawings of Foucault.
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Homer & Hesiod
Full text of the book Hesiod, The Homeric Hymns, and Homerica published in 1914.
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Internet Sacred Text Archive
A "freely available archive of online books about religion, mythology, folklore and the esoteric."
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Islam and Islamic Studies Resources
This guide to scholarly resources on the web is maintained by a professor of religion at the University of Georgia. You'll find links to articles and guides covering various aspects of Islamic culture, art, and philosophy, as well as discussions of current events and developments. The page is designed to be browsed, so you will need to scroll down to discover the full scope of the content.
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John Stuart Mill
This site provides a wide range of materials written by and about British philosopher and economist John Stuart Mill. Includes 19th century primary sources such as letters and reviews, as well as encyclopedia entries and links to other web sites.
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Philosophy of Religion
This site, from philosophy teacher Tim Holt, delves into the philosophical arguments involved with religion. The main areas of the site cover the arguments for the existence of God, for agnosticism, and for atheism. Shorter sections discuss Christian ethics, online philosophical texts, and biographies of philosoophers most closely related to the subject of religion.
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PhilSci Archive
Provides author-submitted preprints of articles dealing with the philosophy of science. Access to some areas of the site requires free registration.
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Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Covering all aspects of philosophy, this online encyclopedia contains peer reviewed articles written and updated by experts in the field. Search by keyword or browse the table of contents.
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The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Maintained and written by academics, this site includes articles on specific philosophers, schools of thought and concepts. Also included is a timeline of philosophical thinkers throughout history.
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The Pragmatism Cybrary
Guide to the study of pragmatism, with an overview of its history, current research and publications, and links to related resources.
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The Religious Movements Homepage [archived version]
Profiling over 200 religious groups, this web site offers background information, statistics, and links to more information. Entires cover both emerging and historical movements, cults, and quasi-religions, from Zen Buddhism to Freemasons to Heaven's Gate. The site is currently being moved to a new server with this archived version being available in the meantime.
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Voice of the Shuttle: Philosophy
Links to resources on the web covering all aspects of the study of philosophy.
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