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Air Traffic Control

Air Traffic Control System Command Center
FAA site that provides real-time airport delays. Delays can be viewed by departure, arrival, and destination. It includes a glossary of air traffic management terms and a tour of the offices of the Air Traffic Control System Command Center.
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Air Traffic Publications
This site contains FAA publications related to air traffic. These publications include: Order 3120.4 - Air Traffic Technical Training, Order 7010.1 - Air Traffic Evalutions, Order 7210.3 - Facility Operation and Administration, and more.
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Center for Advanced Aviation System Development
(CAASD) For more than 35 years, CAASD has been working to improve air traffic control. This site describes their work and provides access to many of their technical papers. Examples of the types of paper you could expect to find are "A Monte-Carlo Analysis of Round-Off Error in an Aircraft Positional Display System" and "Collaborative Strategic Planning in a Free Flight ATM System."
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European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation. Oversees air traffic control in 28 european countries. This site provides the full-text of their publication, Skyway, as well as many research reports.
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Federal Aviation Order 7110.10, Flight Services
This FAA document describes the procedures and terminology used by air traffic controllers in providing flight services.
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Federal Aviation Order 7110.65, Air Traffic Control
The purpose of this order is to "prescribe air traffic control procedures and phraseology for use by persons providing air traffic control services."
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National Air Traffic Controller's Association
This site provides information on NATCA's organizational structure, including e-mail addresses, legislative issues, press releases, congressional testimony, and newsletter articles.
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