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American National Standards Institute
ANSI serves as the primary clearinghouse for technical standards and specifications in science and technology. Its trade membership offers advisory input, technical research, and publications on design and development standards for computer and industrial science markets.
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Association for Computing Machinery
ACM is the premier academic organization for computer science professionals. The organization publishes research findings, membership surveys, and other papers of interest to the academic and scientific computing communities, and provides career and professional development support to computer professionals.
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Association of Information Technology Professionals
The AITP is the leading professional development and continuing education organization for IS and IT professionals. It offers workshops, seminars, and training institutes on emerging technologies in CIS, and publishes surveys and tutorials on Information Technology systems and services.
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ClickZ Network (Cyberatlas)
ClickZ is the guide to online facts for the Web marketer, the Web site manager, and the E-Commerce professional. The site provides readers with valuable statistics and Web demographics information, enabling them to understand their business environment and make more informed business decisions. CyberAtlas gathers online research from the best data resources to provide a complete review of the latest surveys and technologies available.
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Computer Information Center (CompInfo)
CompInfo is the definitive reference site for IT/IS users and buyers, with links to hardware and software companies, industry organizations and user groups, technology information sources, online technical support and technology news and announcements. It is updated frequently and provides one of the most current indexes to Web sources in Information Technology.
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Information Week Online
The leading IT/IS news weekly magazine, providing full text search access to all editions in the areas of information technology, information systems and e-business. Also provides historical data on vendors, products, and related technology companies. An all encompassing site, the information covers finance, management, company profiles, and reviews of technology products.
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Institute for Electronic and Electrical Engineers
The IEEE is the leading academic association for electrical and computer technology professionals. Its research and publications focus on creating, developing, integrating, sharing, and applying knowledge technology in all areas of information science.
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Powerbuilder Developer's Journal (Sys-Con Media)
Provides unlimited full text access to the only user oriented resource for Java programmers and developers. Offers archival search capability to all issues of the Journal, including contacts for Java User Groups and bulletin boards.
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The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI)
The Data Warehousing Institute is the primary professional association in the data warehousing, data mining, and data modeling industries. TDWI is dedicated to educating business and information technology professionals about the strategies, techniques, and tools required to successfully design, build, and maintain data warehousing implementations. It is the primary industry source for information on data warehousing research, knowledge transfer, and data mining techniques.
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