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Aircraft Registry
The FAA provides the registry which allows searching on Aircraft N-Number, owner, state of registry, and more. It provides information about current registered owners.
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This site covers all aspects of aviation. Of interest is their collection of 762,405+ photos, which are searchable. In addition, their news section is updated every five minutes with the latest in aviation news. The site also contains a detailed history of every aircraft type. Some material is fee-based.
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Aviation Apps
The FAA is now allowing airlines to replace bulky in-flight manuals and maps with iPads. Take a look at some of the recommended apps that can be used for flight planning, weather, airport data, and more.
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Forest Service Fire & Aviation Management Official Home Page
The Fire and Aviation Management part of the USDA Forest Service is a diverse group of people working to advance technologies in fire management and suppression, maintain and improve the extremely efficient mobilization and tracking systems in place, and reach out in support of our Federal, State, and International fire partners.
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