This map displays the locations of Long Island, NY estates (blue markers) and cultural institutions (yellow markers) that were constructed in the years 1860 - 1930, during the period known as the Gilded Age. All of the estates and institutions listed here are still in use today and have Websites associated with them. Additionally, the map provides links to Wikipedia* biographies of owners and architects, where possible.

Today, there are many Gilded Age estates that are still owned by private families on Long Island and they are NOT included on this map.

Most of the estates and cultural institutions listed here are open to the public, but some are private. Please respect private institutions that are NOT open to the general public, but choose to share their information and histories online.

Map Locations
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*Wikipedia is not a perfect source for information, but it does provide a general overview of these Gilded Age personalities. Those wishing to know specific information about the people and events in these biographies should use Wikipedia as a starting point and check the facts themselves.

**Extensive bibliography created by Dr. Mary Abell, Division of Arts & Sciences, Dowling College

Last updated August 20, 2007.
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