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Pioneers of Oakdale

podcast icon Posted Tuesday, September 17, 2013. Total length: 21:23

The Pioneers of Oakdale is the name often given to the memoir of Almina Hage Terry (1855-1929). Almina was the daughter of one of the first Dutch families to settle in the Oakdale area. The Hages arrived in America in 1849 and built a life along the Great South Bay.

This abridged audio adaptation is derived from a copy of Almina's memoir housed in the Dowling College Library Special Collections. Pat Hogeboom, local historian and author of the novel Idle Hours, is our narrator. You will hear of Almina's parents and their difficult crossing from Bruinisse in the Netherlands. Almina also relates her memories of farm life in early Oakdale, the local community of free blacks and former slaves, tales of the Native American population, and the impact of the Civil War on a small Long Island village.

"They dared not enter the city for fear of losing their way."
Almina Hage Terry

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