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Omnibus #2

podcast icon Posted Sunday, November 20, 2005. Total length: 23:35

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(Music Courtesy of the Podsafe Music Network)

  • Song: Ragtop Cadillac by George Fletcher-Bourbon Renewal
  • 1:00 Introduction - Chris Kretz, Instructor/Reference Librarian
  • 1:13 Primary Source Theater: The Story of Idle Hour Part II
    Readings taken from Special Collections:
    • Announcement for Gawpy: A Puppet Ballet in 4 Acts [ca. 192?]
      Read by James Castiglione, part-time Reference Librarian
    • Brochure for Peace Haven [ca. 1938]
      Read by Kristen Orsini, Interlibrary Loan/Digital Object Assistant and
      David Jank, Assistant Professor/Reference Librarian
    • Guide to Long Island Research Laboratories compiled by the Long Island Lighting Company, 1948
      Read by Michael Aloi, Assistant Professor/Technical Services Librarian
    • "Millionaire's Home, 1950 Model" by I.H. Phillips as reprinted in the National Dairy Research newsletter, June 1950
      Read by Kristen Orsini, Interlibrary Loan/Digital Object Assistant
    • Student Handbook, Adelphi Suffolk College, 1963-64
      Read by John Rienzo, Instructor/Reference Librarian
    • Student Yearbook, 1974
      Read by Katelyn Murray, Drama Club
    • Historic Oakdale Project
  • 8:58 Interview with Heini Suokari, co-editor of The Lion's Voice.
    Conducted by Lisa Esposito, Instructor/Reference Librarian
  • 14:45 Library Art Contest
    Mary Abell, Assistant Professor of Visual Arts
    Stephen Lamia, Associate Professor of Visual Arts
    Linda Carlsen, winner of the 2005 Library Art Contest
    Crossroads to the east
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