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Omnibus #25

podcast icon Posted Monday, April 09, 2007. Total length: 28:30

Daniel Thomas Moran has served as Poet Laureate of Suffolk County since 2005. In this interview, in addition to reading a number of his poems, Daniel talks about the creative process and the impact of Long Island on poetry.

"When the impression comes...it's so fast that I have to get it down as quickly as I can."
Daniel Thomas Moran

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(Music Courtesy of the Podshow Podsafe Music Network)

  • 16:18 "Thank You for Driving"
    Copyright Daniel Thomas Moran
  • 20:11 "At the Wake of the 108-Year-Old Woman: In Memory of Abigail Field"
    Copyright Daniel Thomas Moran
  • 22:53 "Some Kind of Sonnet for a Mayfly"
    Copyright Daniel Thomas Moran
  • 26:52 "To My Young Son"
    Copyright Daniel Thomas Moran
Song: "Thanks" by YoungBlood Brass Band

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