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Omnibus #37

podcast icon Posted Wednesday, November 07, 2007. Total length: 23:15

A selection of poems from the 2007 issue of riverrun, Dowling's art and literary magazine, as read by students.  Also, a slideshow of artwork from the issue.

"I deny, but my words are not part of their dictionary."
A Fire in Falluja by Margie Suarez

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(Music Courtesy of the Podshow Podsafe Music Network)

  • 0:20 Introduction
    Chris Kretz - Assistant Professor/Reference Librarian
  • 0:57 "Thanks to the Wind"
    Kevin Jackson
  • 2:52 "A Fire in Falluja"
    Margie Suarez
  • 4:07 "The Real Fate of Atlantis"
    Erica Determann
  • 5:04 "Sushi for Dinner"
    JeongMin Park (read by Dr. Andrew Karp)
  • 6:12 "Grandmother's Fireplace"
    Michele Keogh
  • 7:01 "Replay"
    Margie Suarez
  • 8:10 "Harmonica Days"
    Jennifer Davis (read by Erica Determann)
  • 9:25 "Ying Yang Shmang"
    Denice Frohman (read by Kevin Jackson)
  • 10:23 "Camelot"
    Michele Keogh
  • 11:12 "The Eye of Dawn (Mata Hari)"
    Erica Determann
  • 13:16 "The Up"
    Denice Frohman (read by Dr. Andrew Karp)
  • 14:31 "Untitled (Falling Buffalo)"
    Kevin Jackson
  • 15:51 "Raindrops on a Windshield"
    Kimberly Margolis
  • 16:37 Making riverrun
    Interview with Erica Determann and Dr. Andrew Karp
riverrun 2007

Sound effects: courtesy of the Free Sound Project used under a Creative Commons Sampling Plus 1.0 license:
cafe, saxophone, London Underground, boiling water, kalimba, clock chime, knife grinder's whistleDutch street-organwind up dinosaur, more London Underground, a different caferadio dial, car door slam.

Song: "Is That a Riot?" YoungBlood Brass Band


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