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Omnibus #47

podcast icon Posted Wednesday, September 03, 2008. Total length: 21:32

The Hurricane of 1938, which hit Long Island on September 21, was the worst storm to ever reach these shores. It went on to wreak havoc throughout New England. Some remember it as The Long Island Express, others as The Great New England Hurricane. Either way, it remains a touchstone event in many people's lives. On this episode, to mark the 70th anniversary of the Hurricane of 1938, we feature voices from the storm. Five local residents share their memories of where they were and what they experienced on that September afternoon.

Special thanks to Sharon Boyle for arranging most of these interviews at the Sayville Yacht Club in Bellport and to the Connetquot Public Library for
helping us advertise for participants.
"When I did wake up, the devastation was nothing short of incredible."
Ken Strange

Shownotes with related links:

(Music Courtesy of the Podshow Podsafe Music Network)

0:13 Introduction
Chris Kretz - Assistant Professor/Reference Librarian

Narrators and their locations in 1938

2:47 Ken Strange (Brooklyn)

4:15 Priscilla Teich (East Patchogue, West Hampton Beach)

5:41 Rhea Mitchell (Bellport)

8:07 Priscilla Teich (West Meadow Beach)

8:46 John Kalinowski (Orient)

14:54 George Mitchell (Easthampton, MA)

18:41 George Mitchell (Providence, RI)

Further Resources:
American Experience: The Hurricane of '38
From the PBS series

Shock Troops of Disaster: The Story of the New England Hurricane
Film by the WPA (Works Progress Administration) courtesy of the Prelinger

The Long Island Express: The Great Hurricane of 1938
By Scott Mandia, professor of physical science, Suffolk County Community

More Local History Interviews:

South Shore Estuary: Sights and Sounds
Clips of oral histories courtesy of Long Island Traditions

Recommended Books:

Allen, Everett S. A Wind to Shake the Earth: The Story of the 1938 Hurricane.
Boston: Little, Brown and Co., 1976. Find in a library (courtesy of WorldCat.org)

Burns, Cherie. The Great Hurricane--1938. New York: Atlantic Monthly Press,
2005. Find in a library (courtesy of WorldCat.org)

Song: "Old Country Road" by Doug Macleod

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