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Omnibus #52

podcast icon Posted Friday, January 30, 2009. Total length: 28:41

In 1967, drama instructor Ned Bobkoff and a group of students discovered a forgotten and unused corner of campus that they transformed into the Loft Theatre. Over the next several years, this venue was home to everything from existential and absurdist drama to poetry readings, jazz concerts, and comedies. In this interview, Ned describes those early days, as well as the landscape of drama in the late 1960s: Off Off Boradway, anti-war plays, happenings, and more.  He also recalls the many students who were involved in the Loft, many of whom later went on to work in the theatre.

Since leaving Dowling in the mid 1980s, Ned's work has taken him from the Institute of American Indian Arts to the National Conservatory in Turkey. He is currently adapting for the stage Ali and Nino, Kurban Said's tale of a Romeo and Juliet style romance set in Azerbaijan in the early 1920s.

This interview is cross-posted with our 40th anniversary blog, Born in the Sixties: The First Year of Dowling College 1968-69, which also includes scanned images and documents from our archives documenting the first academic year at Dowling.

"We literally went up to the loft and took it over."
Ned Bobkoff

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  • 0:04 IntroductionNed Bobkoff today.
    Chris kretz - Assitant Professor/Reference Librarian
  • 1:54 Interview
    Ned Bobkoff, drama professor at Dowling from 1967 to 1986

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The Loft Theatre

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