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Omnibus #61

podcast icon Posted Wednesday, October 06, 2010. Total length: 30:41

This week we bring you part II of our interview with local resident/historian George Munkenbeck on the Ludlow family of Oakdale. Last week we heard of William Handy Ludlow who married into the Nicoll family of Islip and played a prominent role in the state and federal government, most notably during the Civil War as an agent for the exchange of prisoners-of-war.

This week we discuss the next generation, the brothers Nicoll and William, who forged their own path through military history in the Navy and the Army, respectivley. Whether chasing Confederate raiders off the coast of South America or killing bears with General George Armstrong Custer, the Ludlow boys often found themselves where history was happening.

And you can still win: a copy of the book Oakdale from Arcadia Press and Dowling librarians Diane Holliday, Chris Kretz and Su Garrison Terry. Just email us at podcasts@dowling.edu by October 31, 2010. We'll select a random winner from the respondents.

"The last person to say goodby to General Custer...is William Ludlow."
George Munkenbeck

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(Music Courtesy of the University of California, Santa Barbara Library)

0:08 Introduction
Chris Kretz - Assistant Professor/Reference Librarian

1:20 Interview
George Munkenbeck  - local historian, chaplain of the West Sayville Fire Department, American Public University professor, Civil War re-enactor, retired Coast Guard Reserve Commander

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Song: American Standard March by the Edison Millitary Band. Courtesy of University of California, Santa Barbara Library used under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.5 License.

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