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Omnibus #52

podcast icon Posted Friday, January 30, 2009. Total length: 28:41

In 1967, drama instructor Ned Bobkoff and a group of students discovered a forgotten and unused corner of campus that they transformed into the Loft Theatre. Over the next several years, this venue was home to everything from existential and absurdist drama to poetry readings, jazz concerts, and comedies. In this interview, Ned describes those early days, as well as the landscape of drama in the late 1960s: Off Off Boradway, anti-war plays, happenings, and more.  He also recalls the many students who were involved in the Loft, many of whom later went on to work in the theatre.

Since leaving Dowling in the mid 1980s, Ned's work has taken him from the Institute of American Indian Arts to the National Conservatory in Turkey. He is currently adapting for the stage Ali and Nino, Kurban Said's tale of a Romeo and Juliet style romance set in Azerbaijan in the early 1920s.

This interview is cross-posted with our 40th anniversary blog, Born in the Sixties: The First Year of Dowling College 1968-69, which also includes scanned images and documents from our archives documenting the first academic year at Dowling.

"We literally went up to the loft and took it over."
Ned Bobkoff

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  • 0:04 IntroductionNed Bobkoff today.
    Chris kretz - Assitant Professor/Reference Librarian
  • 1:54 Interview
    Ned Bobkoff, drama professor at Dowling from 1967 to 1986

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  Music: "El Relicario" by Blue Jar

Slideshow of past Loft Theatre productions:


The Loft Theatre

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Omnibus #50

podcast icon Posted Wednesday, November 19, 2008. Total length: 25:01

Dr. Kim Poppiti,assistant professor of drama and dance, discusses her research into 19th century hippodrama and the elaborate machinery invented to create the illusion of motion on stage. Before the introduction of cinema, hippodrama (plays with horses in them) was the public's choice for spectacular and elaborate action scenes. Kim describes her research into the stagecraft and machinery involved, as well as her use of U.S. patent images to uncover this forgotten aspect of theater history.
"...before people had experienced movies, it was just an amazing effect.
Dr. Kim Poppiti

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  • 0:02 Introduction
    Chris Kretz - Assistant Professor/Reference Librarian
  • 0:44 Interview
    Dr. Kim Poppiti, assistant professor of drama and dance
  • 22:35 50th Episode Celebration
Song: "Keep on Movin" by David Mansfield


Theatrical Patents

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Omnibus #37

podcast icon Posted Wednesday, November 07, 2007. Total length: 23:15

A selection of poems from the 2007 issue of riverrun, Dowling's art and literary magazine, as read by students.  Also, a slideshow of artwork from the issue.

"I deny, but my words are not part of their dictionary."
A Fire in Falluja by Margie Suarez

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  • 0:20 Introduction
    Chris Kretz - Assistant Professor/Reference Librarian
  • 0:57 "Thanks to the Wind"
    Kevin Jackson
  • 2:52 "A Fire in Falluja"
    Margie Suarez
  • 4:07 "The Real Fate of Atlantis"
    Erica Determann
  • 5:04 "Sushi for Dinner"
    JeongMin Park (read by Dr. Andrew Karp)
  • 6:12 "Grandmother's Fireplace"
    Michele Keogh
  • 7:01 "Replay"
    Margie Suarez
  • 8:10 "Harmonica Days"
    Jennifer Davis (read by Erica Determann)
  • 9:25 "Ying Yang Shmang"
    Denice Frohman (read by Kevin Jackson)
  • 10:23 "Camelot"
    Michele Keogh
  • 11:12 "The Eye of Dawn (Mata Hari)"
    Erica Determann
  • 13:16 "The Up"
    Denice Frohman (read by Dr. Andrew Karp)
  • 14:31 "Untitled (Falling Buffalo)"
    Kevin Jackson
  • 15:51 "Raindrops on a Windshield"
    Kimberly Margolis
  • 16:37 Making riverrun
    Interview with Erica Determann and Dr. Andrew Karp
riverrun 2007

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Song: "Is That a Riot?" YoungBlood Brass Band



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Omnibus #35

podcast icon Posted Tuesday, October 02, 2007. Total length: 13:51

Interview with Iranian-born artist Samira Abbassy at the Anthony Giordano Gallery. Her exhibit Cultural Convergences, running September 5 - October 14, is part of Dowling's Annual Theme of Globalism: One World. Samira discusses her influences, particularly pre-Renaissance religious imagery, and her artistic process.
"You're always looking for ways of tricking yourself in order to save yourself from habit."
Samira Abbassy

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The Art of Samira Abbassy

Song: "Frankenburg Blues" by Bettina


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Omnibus #21

podcast icon Posted Wednesday, February 28, 2007. Total length: 25:57

Part One of an interview with Leroy Douglas, Class of 1964. (Part Two to be posted March 2nd)

Click on shownotes to see a slideshow of images from the 1963 yearbook.

"I was very skeptical about this whole concept of college."
Leroy Douglas

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Song: Pretty Baby by The Hillbilly Casino

  • 0:05 Introduction
    Chris Kretz - Instructor/Reference Librarian
  • 1:45 In The Beginning
    Leroy Douglas, Class of 1964, reminisces about being one of the first full
    time students to attend Dowling College (originally known as Adelphi Suffolk
    College). From Wyandanch to Sayville to Oakdale, his story illuminates the
    development of the college as well as Suffolk County. Part II of this
    interview will be posted Friday, March 2nd.
  • 23:30 The Humanitarian Club
    Message from Russell Gerry, president of the Dowling Humanitarian Club, on upcoming events and activities.


Idling '63

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