Archives & Special Collections - Rules of Use

The objects housed in these collections are noncirculating materials. Some of them are in fragile condition and to a great extent irreplaceable.

Use of materials may be restricted because of poor physical condition, personal privacy or legitimate proprietary rights, confidentiality issues, or unprocessed state.

  1. No food or beverages are permitted in any area of the Archives.
  2. Hands must be washed before the handling of materials.
  3. Only use pencils when taking notes.
  4. Do not place paper or cards on an object when writing notes.
  5. Do not place books open face down or use any item other than provided bookmarks. Remove all bookmarks before returning materials.
  6. Do not rearrange the order in which materials are delivered to you. No marks may be added to or erased from any material.
  7. Do not make tracings or rubbings of archival material without specific permission and assistance from the archivist.
  8. Some material is too fragile to be photocopied or requires special handling. Please take notes rather than requesting a copy whenever possible, and consult the archives staff if you want photocopies. The Archives reserves the right to refuse photocopying requests. Digital photographs at the discretion of the Archives.
  9. The Archives reserve the right to inspect all research material and all personal articles before a patron leaves the area.
  10. While material from these collections is in your hands, it is your responsibility. Please respect it and handle with care.