Copyright Guidelines for Reserve

The following materials can be put on reserve without obtaining copyright permission:

The following materials require copyright permission before being put on either physical or electronic reserve:

Obtaining Copyright Permission

When necessary, the Library will attempt to obtain required copyright permissions for materials placed on reserve. The Library reserves the right to refuse any document if there is a possibility of copyright infringement.

Websites for More Copyright Information

American Library Association Copyright Issues background discussion and current status of copyright legislation and related topics.

Copyright Sliderule. Created by ALA, this sliderule helps to determine when permission is needed based upon publication date.

U.S. Copyright Office Information Circulars: basic fact sheets and circulars on various copyright issues, including fair use. Circular 21 deals specificially with reproduction of copyrighted works by educators and librarians.

University of Texas Crash Course in Copyright: extensive primer on copyright issues. For a specific discussion of copyright and reserves, consult their section on Reserve Room Operations.