Off-Campus Access Tools

Proxy Bookmarklet

If you do your research from off campus, we recommend you install the proxy bookmarklet on your browser's bookmark toolbar. It will let you log into the library's resources without having to go the library's homepage first.

So for example, if you are researching through Google Scholar and you come upon an article that looks promising, but you can't get the full-text without purchasing it. Go back to the abstract of the article and click on the Dowling Library Proxy bookmarklet that you've installed. You'll be redirected through the library site back to your starting point, and if our library subscribes to that publication, you'll get access to it.

Installation Instructions

Internet Explorer

  • Right click on this link: Dowling Library Proxy bookmarklet
  • Select "Add to Favorites"
  • Click and drag the link to your "Links" toolbar.

You might get a warning that the "favorite may not be safe." It is. Click "yes" to continue.




  • Create a bookmark "Dowling Library Proxy"
  • Copy the below
  • javascript:void(location.href=location.protocol+%22//
  • Edit the bookmark and paste the info into the location

The bookmarklet is compatible with most browsers and platforms as long as your bookmarks or favorites allow javascript.

How to Use the Proxy Bookmarklet

  1. Go to a page that is restricted.
  2. Once you are on the page, click on the proxy bookmarklet, and you will be redirected through the proxy server.
  3. Enter your name and the barcode from the back of your ID card.
  4. You will be returned to the restricted page and given access if our library subscribes to that content.

In some cases, you may need to use the browser's back button to return to the webpage. In addition, we don't have a relationship with all vendors, so if you still cannot get into a resource, go the Library's homepage and look at the list of databases to see if we provide direct access to it or not.

OpenURL Referrer

The OpenURL Referrer is another way of finding out whether resources you find using Google Scholar are available to you through our library.

Installation Instructions


The first time you start the program after installing it, you'll need to make some configuration changes.

  1. Use Find Local Resolvers to search for Dowling College
  2. OpenURL Version 1.0
  3. Text: FindIt@Dowling
  4. Check the Strip commas and periods from journal titles box

Internet Explorer

  1. Launch the 'openurlref.exe' application. Agree to the license agreement. Then click 'Install'.
  2. Restart the browser, and the extension is installed!
  3. When viewing a page containing COinS (or a Google Scholar or News Archive results page), click "Insert OpenURLs" in the context menu or "Tools" menu to insert OpenURLs in the page. This must be done for each page you want to add OpenURLs to.
  4. You can temporarily disable the extension using the control panel 'Tools -> Manage Add-ons -> Enable or Disable Add-ons ...' or uninstall it using the 'Add/Remove Programs' control panel

Results will look like this:

google scholar results with openurl referrer