Tools & Gadgets LibraryLookup

This enhancement will link results from an Amazon search to the Dowling College Library. When you search Amazon, click on the toolbar link to see if our library has it.

Installation Instructions

Internet Explorer

  • Right click on this link: Dowling College Library
  • Select "Add to Favorites"
  • Click and drag the Dowling College Library link to your "Links" toolbar.
  • You might get a warning that the link is not safe. It is. Click "yes" to continue.



Firefox Search Plug-In

The Firefox browser has an easy-to-access search box right in the toolbar. This plug-in will allow you to search the Dowling College resources directly from your search box. To install it, make sure that you are using Firefox, and then follow the link below:

Add the Catalog. Once you've installed it, you'll need to select it from the drop-down to do your searching. Just look for the lion icon (lion icon) and you'll find the "Dowling Library Catalog."

Google Gadget

Do you have an iGoogle page? Then add the Library's gadget to your page. Our gadget searches the catalog right through your iGoogle homepage.