Stimulating Discussion

One way to get students to use their smartphone, iPod Touch, or tablet device to participate in class is through polling. There are apps and websites that allow you to set up polls in advance or on the fly and then collect responses and display them immediately. It's a quick way to see if students are understanding the concepts they are being presented with.

Polling Apps

icon eClicker
This app can be installed for free on iPhones and iPads for students to use to respond to polls. It requires the eClicker Host.
icon eClicker Host
For $9.99, this app accepts responses from up to 64 students and will take responses from any internet-enabled device. It does not require the eClicker app for students to respond.
icon iResponse Pro
For $4.99, this app works with iPhones, iPads, and the iPod Touch. It can be used for tests as well as for impromptu polls. Questions can be developed on a computer, using the required companion software, and then transmitted directly to students' devices.


Yes, it's possible to use Twitter in the classroom in a successful way. It shows students that their professor has an interest in technology and knows how to integrate it.

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Poll Everywhere — This site lets you create a free account that will collect up to 30 responses at a time. Easy to use and collects responses via web, text message, or twitter. The responses can be integrated into powerpoint, keynote, or a website and display in real time.

Whiteboard Apps