Keep Up With Turnitin

The Turnitin blog routinely posts information on new developments, case studies, and reports dealing with academic integrity.

General Guidelines and Tips

  1. Requesting a Turnitin Account
    • If you are a Dowling faculty member and would like to use Turnitin for one of your classes here, email Chris Kretz, account administrator. He will add you to the account and you will receive an activation email from Turnitin with login instructions
    • If you ever forget your password, use the Rest Password link from Turnitin.com.
  2. Create a Class
    • Use the add a class link to create a new class.
    • Each class you create will have its own ID number (generated automatically) and password (you create - and it's case sensitive). You must give this information to your students in order for them to "join" your class and submit their papers.
    • By default, students cannot view their originality reports.
    • A class lasts six months before it becomes inactive. You can still view it, but you cannot submit papers. You can opt for a longer class time or reactivate an inactive class at a later date.
  3. Create an Assignment
    • Set deadlines for submissions, including whether or not to accept late work.
      • If using Grademark to comment on student papers, be aware that students will see your comments after the post date.
    • Assignment types: you can create a revision assignment which will let students resubmit a new draft of any previous assignment.
  4. Quick Submit
    • Quick Submit lets you bypass the class/assignment route if you only have one or two papers that you want to submit yourself.
    • You must first activate Quick Submit under your User Info section.
    • You must have the paper in electronic form either on a disk or on your hard drive.
  5. Originality Reports
    • You can save or e-mail originality reports.
    • Turnitin gives you the option to exclude material within quotations marks and items listed in a bibliography.
  6. Other
    • Make sure that your students are aware that you are using Turnitin. It is recommended that you include it in your syllabus.
    • Turnitin will alert you to sources that contain a degree of matching text. The final determination of whether or not plagiarism has occurred is up to the instructor.
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