Welcome to Dowling College Library’s Wiki

We’ve started to use this wiki to organize information on many different topics. As such, each topic has its own theme and curator. Everyone is invited to participate in contributing to these areas and helping them to grow.

Long Island South Shore History

This area focuses on the unique history of Long Island’s south shore. About Us will tell you more about the focus of this area. Also be sure to take a look at the Invitation to Contribute to learn how you can contribute to this project.

Research Guides

Research Guides are wiki pages created by librarians to help you locate the most appropriate research resources for your assignments. The Guides can be used to help plan your research, to get ideas, and to identify the major journals and books related to your subject. If you have ideas of resources not listed on a guide, please edit the page and add them.

What I’m Reading

This area is gathering reading recommendations from Dowling College community members. Take a look and see what they’ve recommended and why. Add your comments and get a dialog started.

Travels with Dowling ?

Dowling College sponsors many different trips throughout the academic year. Some offer credit-bearing classes, and some are just for the experience and fun. Share your memories of those trips in this area.


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