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Library displays highlight the collections and holdings of the Library and show the relationship between those collections and the mission of the College by supporting themes and subjects of an educational or cultural nature. They are meant to stimulate and encourage interests in diverse topics among the Dowling College community.

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Superman Batman: Two Heroes, Two Histories

1st Floor Display
January 2016 -

Learn about the origins of Superman and Batman, two of the most iconic comic book figures of all time. Born within a year of each other (1938 and 1939 respectively), the two characters grew out of distinct influences and models. You’ll see books from our collection highlighting the strands of each character’s DNA, from Superman’s science fiction roots to Batman’s pulp heritage.

The Harlem Renaissance

2nd Floor Display
January 2016 -

Celebrate the literature, art, music and fashion of the Jazz Age phenomena known as the Harlem Renaissance.