CIS 1200: Introduction to Information Systems Management

Books in the Library

These links will take you to lists of books on these topics (both print and electronic) available through the Dowling library. Here’s more information on finding books at Dowling.

Information resources management

Information technology management


IT outsourcing

virtual worlds

IT— social aspects

Citing Your Resources

Doing ethical research means citing sources. It is critical to credit writers for their work and their contributions to your research. To not do so is unethical and leads to plagiarism - unintentionally or not. Here are some sources to help you cite properly and to avoid the problem of plagiarism.

  • Citation Styles
    This lists citation engines which help you create proper citations as well as providing information on different citation styles.
  • Tips on avoiding plagiarism
  • Turnitin
    Turnitin is a service that faculty and students use to detect and avoid plagiarism in their writing.
  • NoodleBib
    NoodleBib is an online resource that will help you format MLA and APA bibliographies, exporting them directly to your word processing program.


Use these reference sources to identify possible research topics and familiarize yourself with your subject.


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Bidgoli, H. (2003). Encyclopedia of information systems. Amsterdam: Academic Press.
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Khosrowpour, M. (2005). Encyclopedia of information science and technology. Hershey, PA: Idea Group Reference.
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Trauth, E. M. (2006). Encyclopedia of gender and information technology. Hershey, PA: Idea Group Reference.
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Bott, F. (2003). Dictionary of e-business. Chichester: John Wiley.

Encyclopedia of computer science.(2003). Chichester: John Wiley.

Find Articles

From Specific Journals

Journal of Computer Information Systems
Journal of Organizational and End User Computing
MIS Quarterly
European Journal of Information Systems One year delay on full text
Information Systems Research 3 year delay on full text
Academy of Information and Management Sciences Journal
International Journal of Aviation Psychology 18 month delay on full text

From Databases
ABI Inform (Business)

Business Source Premier

Computer Database

The library has access to many additional databases. Here is a menu of them all, by subject area.

Do you have a citation for a specific article(s) you need to find? Look up the journal name in the Journal Locator, and you will be directed to the proper database to locate the article.


These links will take you into a database search for each of the specific magazines or journals listed. You can add keywords to each search once you’re inside.

CIO Insight


Information Systems Management

Journal of Management Information Systems

MIS Quarterly

The Sport Journal - free online journal that includes articles on information technology in sports.


The following searches in the Journal Locator list journals in these fields, and link you to databases that provide full text of these journals. If you know the name of a specific journal that you would like to search, use the Journal Locator to find out if we have access to it.

Computer Science Journals

Information Systems Journals

Web Sites

  • Computer Information Center (CompInfo)
    CompInfo is the definitive reference site for IT/IS users and buyers, with links to hardware and software companies, industry organizations and user groups, technology information sources, online technical support and technology news and announcements.

  • Information Week Online
    The leading IT/IS news weekly magazine, providing full text search access to all editions in the areas of information technology, information systems and e-business. Also provides historical data on vendors, products, and related technology companies.

  • The Data Warehousing Institute (TDWI)
    The Data Warehousing Institute is the primary professional association in the data warehousing, data mining, and data modeling industries. TDWI is dedicated to educating business and information technology professionals about the strategies and techniques.

  • ClickZ Network (Cyberatlas)
    ClickZ is the guide to online facts for the Web marketer, the Web site manager, and the E-Commerce professional. The site provides readers with valuable statistics and Web demographics information, enabling them to understand their business environment.

  • Institute for Electronic and Electrical Engineers
    The IEEE is the leading academic association for electrical and computer technology professionals. Its research and publications focus on creating, developing, integrating, sharing, and applying knowledge technology in all areas of information science.

  • Powerbuilder Developer’s Journal (Sys-Con Media)
    Provides unlimited full text access to the only user oriented resource for Java programmers and developers. Offers archival search capability to all issues of the Journal, including contacts for Java User Groups and bulletin boards.

  • Association for Computing Machinery
    ACM is the premier academic organization for computer science professionals. The organization publishes research findings, membership surveys, and other papers of interest to the academic and scientific computing communities, and provides career information.

  • Association of Information Technology Professionals
    The AITP is the leading professional development and continuing education organization for IS and IT professionals. It offers workshops, seminars, and training institutes on emerging technologies in CIS.

  • American National Standards Institute
    ANSI serves as the primary clearinghouse for technical standards and specifications in science and technology. Its trade membership offers advisory input, technical research, and publications on design and development standards for computer and industrial design.

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