CIS 6261: Information Technology for Managers

Books to Check Out

Search the catalog for books (either physical or online) that can be checked out.

Citing Your Resources

Doing ethical research means citing sources. Here are some sources to help you cite properly and to avoid the problem of plagiarism.

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias

Dictionary of Communications Technology: Terms, Definitions and Abbreviations
“An invaluable one-stop reference for IS professionals, consultants and engineers. Wider ranging than a conventional dictionary, it enables you to check exact specifications, definitions, characteristics, options, relay diagrams, paths, alignments, sources, codes, events, tables, sequences, tradenames, methods, and numerous other vital facts that can spell disaster if misinterpreted or incorrectly specified.”

Dictionary of Information and Library Management
This comprehensive dictionary covers all aspects of information and knowledge management. Designed to equip the information management student with core industry terminology, this fully revised edition includes many terms connected with information management and electronic knowledge management.

Encyclopedia of Computer Science
This encyclopedia is the definitive resource for computer science and technology. It covers every major aspect of the field from artificial life to computer ethics, mobile computing to quantum computing, safety, privacy, and more. It includes an historical timeline that highlights the key breakthroughs in computer science and technology. Articles are written by experts in the field.

Find Articles

Using databases to find appropriate articles can be difficult. The two databases below focus on business and on information technology. Try your topics in both. They may not have full text for the article you need, but there are ways to get to the full text in other sources the library has.


Enter your search terms:
Information Science & Technology Abstracts
Info Science & Tech Abstracts

Finding Full Text

If you use web searching in your research, then try out:

  • Microsoft Academic Search
    This search is limited to computer science sources and will feature links to documents that are freely available on the web. Surprisingly good and easy to use.
  • Google Scholar
    Make sure to take advantage of the advanced search features to be able to limit by date and limit by subject area.

Web Sites

  • Bit Law: A Resource on Technology Law
    This site offers background information, links to primary sources, sample forms, and sample policies concerning the following areas: internet law, copyright, trademarks, software patents, and more.

  • Free Patents
    This is a free patent searching site with PDF downloading, world patent searching, alerts, and other account functions. It is a great resource for IP attorneys, patent searchers, researchers, students, small businesses, and anyone else who needs such leg up.

  • Internet and Silicon Valley
    Listings of the top 100 banks, companies, and magazines with a presence on the Internet. This site also gives a history of the development of the Internet, history of Silicon Valley, and information on analysis of e-commerce and Internet presence.

  • E-Commerce Times
    Late breaking news on e-commerce, e-tailers, and market issues.

    Practical information on current and coming trends, geared towards information executives.

  • Red Herring: The Business of Technology
    Focusing on cutting edge trends and developments, this site covers technology companies, businesses using IT’s, and consumers’ use of IT’s and IT services. The site is also a good source of stock and IPO information.

  • Telecommunications Industry Association
    TIA Online is the central web site for suppliers, manufacturers, service providers, and consultants in the Telecommunications Industry. This site provides full text searching of a variety of industry press releases and white papers covering ongoing development.

  • Federal Communications Commission
    This site is the official information exchange of the FCC, and contains listings and maps of all federally chartered telecommunications operators and their regions. It also serves as the repository for all U.S. Government policy, legislation, regulations.CIS6261, Biz Tech

  • Computer Information Center (CompInfo)
    CompInfo is the definitive reference site for IT/IS users and buyers, with links to hardware and software companies, industry organizations and user groups, technology information sources, online technical support and technology news and announcements.

  • Information Week Online
    The leading IT/IS news weekly magazine, providing full text search access to all editions in the areas of information technology, information systems and e-business. Also provides historical data on vendors, products, and related technology companies.

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