EDE 9800: Research Technology

Find Peer Review Articles

Peer review is a process through which research articles are vetted by a team of experts in the same field before they are published.These articles are published (in print and online) in peer reviewed/scholarly journals.

The most effective way to search across a wide number of journals is through the Library’s subscription databases.

Top Education Databases at Dowling

Education Full Text


SAGE Premier (full text from 1999)

Top Health/Medicine Databases at Dowling

Health Reference Center Academic


Top Multi-Purpose Databases at Dowling

Academic Search Premier

ProQuest Research Library

Find Dissertations

Dissertations Written by Dowling Students

Dissertations @Dowling
The most recent dissertations may not yet be available.

Dissertations Written at Other Institutions

Dissertations & Theses (Humanities and Social Sciences)
Most dissertations written after 1997 in these fields will be available in full text.

Find Books

We have both print books and ebooks listed in our library catalog. Here are two good ways to search for them:

Keyword. Looking for a specific phrase/person/thing? Do a keyword search for your topic with the name or phrase in quotes. This will find you any item in the catalog that has that phrase in its description. Capitalization doesn’t matter but make sure you spell the name right. And look for synonyms and alternate phrases to describe what you’re looking for:

  • “College Readiness”, “College Preparedness”
  • “Learning Standards”
  • “Learning Strategies”
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