EDH 1131: Human Development and Learning

Find Education Articles

For all of these databases, you can check off the “scholarly (peer reviewed)” box before searching to ensure that your results come from academic publications.

Research Starters in Education
Contains full text articles featuring overviews of many educational topics.

Education Full Text
Includes articles from over 350 journals and magazines dealing with education.

Covers a wide variety of education journals and documents (like conference proceedings and reports). Results will either be full text or abstracts and citations.

Contains full text of psychology journals, many of which cover educational research.

Specific Journals

If you’re stuck for a topic, these links take you to articles from these specific journals. You can browse the most recent issues for ideas or search within each issue by keyword.

Journal of Classroom Interaction

Journal of Educational Psychology

Learning Environments Research

School Psychology Review

Peer Reviewed

Here’s a brief video explaining what peer review means.

Books in the Main Stacks

Our catalog includes many books on learning and learning theory. Here are a few searches to get you started.

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